Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dark pretty emo look

Hiya everyone my 2nd post today and I wanted to do a emo look and a dark emo look a very light one not too covered with light makeup.

What you will need:

  1. Dark silver eye dust (Luxe) 22 sd
  2. Volumizing mascara (dot) 3 sd
  3. Dusk's kiss eye-shadow(if wanted only to make it look darker) (dot) 6 sd
  4. Black eye kohl (dot) 6 sd
  5. techno goth lipstick(dot) 8 sd

tip: Add piercings to finish  the look & big eyelashes 
cheek out :31
with dusk's eye shadow : 37

If you still cant get your look see me and i can do you a makeover
 (hack free)
see me at my stardoll suite Missrrrrqqqq
byeee xxx

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