Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Amazing party look makeover

Hiya everyone this is my first post and I am very nervous, so tell me what you think of it. Hope it will be good and you like it.

First of all what you need:
  1. -Volumizing mascara (dot) 3sd
  2. -Flame red lipstick(dot) 8 sd
  3. -Techno goth eye-pencil (dot) 7 sd
  4. -Cashmere rose blush (dot) 8 sd
  5. black fluid eye liner (dot) 3 sd

Cheek out is: 29 sd (I know its alot but it could help you win cover girl and it looks amazing)
if you still cant get your look see me and i can do you a makeover
 (hack free)
see me at my stardoll suite Missrrrrqqqq
byeee xxx

Here is how the look is amazing!

More zoomed in 

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