Wednesday, 1 August 2012

pretty look

Hiya everyone my 3rd post and
I wanted to do a pretty look today.
So I hope you like it very much
Its a light pretty look and after I will
do a dark one.

What you will need..
Hair colour honey blonde(Doree) 6 sd
Kat von D charcoal eye-shadow(sephora) 4sd
Mascara black (sephora) 2 sd
Lipstick cream classic red (sephora) 4 sd


Hiya everyone my 3rd post and
I wanted to do a pretty look today.
So I hope you like it very much
Its a light pretty look and after I will
do a dark one.

What you will need..
Hair colour honey blonde(Doree) 6 sd
Kat von D charcoal eye-shadow(sephora) 4sd
Mascara black (sephora) 2 sd
Lipstick cream classic red (sephora) 4 sd


If you still cant get your look see me and i can do you a makeover
 (hack free)
see me at my stardoll suite Missrrrrqqqq
byeee xxx

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dark pretty emo look

Hiya everyone my 2nd post today and I wanted to do a emo look and a dark emo look a very light one not too covered with light makeup.

What you will need:

  1. Dark silver eye dust (Luxe) 22 sd
  2. Volumizing mascara (dot) 3 sd
  3. Dusk's kiss eye-shadow(if wanted only to make it look darker) (dot) 6 sd
  4. Black eye kohl (dot) 6 sd
  5. techno goth lipstick(dot) 8 sd

tip: Add piercings to finish  the look & big eyelashes 
cheek out :31
with dusk's eye shadow : 37

If you still cant get your look see me and i can do you a makeover
 (hack free)
see me at my stardoll suite Missrrrrqqqq
byeee xxx

Amazing party look makeover

Hiya everyone this is my first post and I am very nervous, so tell me what you think of it. Hope it will be good and you like it.

First of all what you need:
  1. -Volumizing mascara (dot) 3sd
  2. -Flame red lipstick(dot) 8 sd
  3. -Techno goth eye-pencil (dot) 7 sd
  4. -Cashmere rose blush (dot) 8 sd
  5. black fluid eye liner (dot) 3 sd

Cheek out is: 29 sd (I know its alot but it could help you win cover girl and it looks amazing)
if you still cant get your look see me and i can do you a makeover
 (hack free)
see me at my stardoll suite Missrrrrqqqq
byeee xxx

Here is how the look is amazing!

More zoomed in 

Hello people I am new

Hiya people and welcome to the blog today
my name is Missrrrrqqqq feel free to look
at my suite page, Plus feel free to add me 
too. I will be your new make-up stylist 
helping you so you can RoCk that make-
up I am very happy to be doing this so lets get started.


Mia(real name)

Friday, 27 July 2012

50% Sale

Even though it isn't 50% off at every store on Stardoll, it is just at Opulence and Windows on the World. Which is ok, in a way, because for me I didn't take an interest, but when I was looking I saw quite a few items which I have put in my basket ready to buy! It's a great oppertuity to look. You never know, you might find something you love!!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Road To London 2012

YAY!!!! It's time to get in the mood to par-tay!!! All the hard work for getting ready for the Olympics and finally rubbed off on everyone, and got everyone in the mood! You can win fabulous prizes, and, like it says, taking you back in time!!!


Frankie Morello Tribute

A fabulous new tribute for Frankie Morello. A very wacky but marvellous designs that you just have to have in your wardrobe! Right now, I have my eye on the white dress with gold studs on!!!

What do you think of the collection?


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Friday, 20 July 2012

3 for 2 on selected stores!

WOW! Shoppingistas our dreams have come true! We all like getting more for our money, and now is the oppertunity! There are more stores doing the "3 for 2" offer, but in the image above are a few of the stores. I would advise using this, and getting as much as possible! You're buying 2 items, but you are getting one item free!!!


New Tingeling Collection

Hello everyone, this post is about the new collection at Tingeling! Looking at the picture above, and what i have seen of the collection so far, it looks like there may be some exotic outfits, perfect for the Carribeann beaches! Or, the Beach Villa that some of you may have (I am so jealous of those people!!)

What do you think of the collection?


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Style Copycat:Old Disney Stars

Sorry for not posting in a long time! Today I have decided to do a Style Copycat on old disney stars. I am doing this post on Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. I consider them Old Disney Stars because they were all the stars of shows which have been cancelled.

Selena's style is normally really casual and comfy. However she wears dresses when she is on the red carpet.

I am loving this outfit. The blazer is so hot and the skirt fits Demi perfectly.

This outfit is extremely simple but cute.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Millionaire Mansion!

Ever dreamt about owning loads of money to get a massive mansion? Well now you can! For around 190 stardollars, you can finally live your dream and decorate your own mansion, your style! I believe there is also a garden! So what are you waiting for? Go and live your dream!


New Windows on the World collection

New Windows on the World collection! Some vibrant deisgns which will stun people for sure! Some very exotic dresses, and if you are into the unique look then you should think about having a look at the collection!


Friday, 13 July 2012

Chat on Stardoll-Access

Hey guys! Sorry for abandoning you this morning, I had work experience at Waterstone's (book store to those who don't know!!). Anyway, Stardoll's app called StardollAccess has put a new setting on called Chat, which is used so much, it's great to be able to continue using it when you're out and about! (But go careful, don't go on it 24/7!!)

By the way, thank you to everybody who is supporting this blog! To the team of amazing writers, and the followers we have. We now have 6(!) which is amazing! And I am sure we will continue getting awesome followers!


New Bonjour Bizou

So, short post here as I have 5 minutes to go to work! The new Bonjour Bizou collection is out, and full of summer pastels and awesome patterns which are perfect for summer and rocking that catwalk!

Will you be buying any items of clothing from the collection and hanging out on the beach with your fellow stardoll friends?


Monday, 9 July 2012

Teenage Quote - So True!

That is so true! How many of you have had this happen to you? I have it a lot! I ask my mum if I can go to London, or Bristol or wherever with my friends (or NEW boyfriend!!!) but my mum won't let me then she asks why I'm always on my IPad or laptop! Seriously, ! I don't think they understand us Teenagers!

Please tell us your experiences, we'd love to hear them!!


Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hello My Lovelies :] xoxo

This Is A Look Developed Using Miss.Gold1997 s Beauty Parlour

(Link Here;

Here Is The List Of Products I Used! :

Lengthing Mascara - Dot. - 2SD
Aqua Marine EyePencil - Dot. - (Must've Got From A Stardoll Competition) *0SD*
Just Peachy LipStick - Dot. - 8SD

Short Post;
Getting Larger x

Hello (Again)

I'm Going To Africa For A Month Between;
21st July & 21st August

I'll Miss You Guys & I'll Try To Post As Often As I Can Now So.. Yeah :3 x

Bye :D x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Eyeliner: Get it right!

Missrrrrqqqq gave me this gorgeous picture of her when she was a superstar, posing for the camera!

So, what I wanter to show you, was the eyeliner on the right eye which is done perfectly (well down missrrrrqqqq!) so im going to show you how to do it. You need eyeliner for this, it doesnt matter what colour but it has to be one that you like if you are going to buy it! DOT is the best brand for eyeliner, and i think it is the only brand that does it. You need a steady hand for this- go around the entire eye with the eyeliner so that you get the thin line of whatever colour you have around your eye (in this case, its black). Then when you are satisfied with it, add a little Cleopatra kind of look to the outer of your eye (like shown in the picture). It is hard to do this first time, so don't worry if it isnt perfect! And then you're done!

You can do this in real life as well. I would recommend using a liguid eyeliner with a thin bristled brush as it is easier to get the lines, and is less fidely. It is harder to do as well, but keep going with it. After all, "practise makes perfect"!

What do you think of this look?


Friday, 6 July 2012

Book Review: The Goddess Chronicles

Yes, I know! This post is in no way related to Stardoll, but I ought it would be nice to have a real-life related post. So here goes!
I've read the first and second book in the series, and currently waiting of the third book; The Goddess Legacy to come out. The amazing writer: Aimée Carter created the chronicles, as well as creating a vivid image in your head as well as letting your imagination grow as she gives details of the surroundings and what people look like.
The Goddess Hunt
The first book, The Goddess Hunt is very sad, so be prepared especially at the end, for tissues! Kate, a teenage girl is helping her mum battle through cancer which has taken over both their lives for over 2 years. Knowing that the mum is going to die, she wants to return to her home town to die. Kate meets a tortured, but mesmerising Henry who claims to be Hades, God of the Underworld, after Ava dies and brining her back again. But everything has a catch. Kate has be spend half her life with Henry ruling the Underworld with him. After he lost his wife Persephone a thousand years ago, Kate feels unloved by Henry, whilst she feels totally in love with him.
Before she rules the Underworld for half her life, she needs to take 7 tests, seeing if she is the one for Henry. But the girls who took the tests before died before the Gods and Goddesses could say if they were accepted or not. Someone is killing the girls. As they grow closer to the end of the 6 months of Kate being there, Henry increasing grows away from Kate. Why? Kate battles against her unknown murderer, boy trouble and the 7 tests which are taken when she leasts expects and she is away from her mum who is in hospital holding on to life thanks to Henry.
Will Kate live or will Henry fade from Earth for eternity?

The Goddess Interuppted
Unfortunately life isn't peaceful for Kate and Henry and Eton Manor. Henry has been kidnapped by Kate's murderer and the only one who can hurt the immortals. Kate has to turn to her dead sister to find out where Henry, her mother and the rest of the immortals are. Not being fully an immortal, Kate has no "super powers" like the rest do who can fight the Titan and murderer. But this book's ending is upsetting, and leaves you on a cliff hanger! I'm not going to tell you what happens, but it is really unexpected! Poor Kate, she never gets peace! (that's all you are getting). But I would recommend tissues beside you (I was crying).
Read to find out!! I'd really recommend reading them, they are truly amazing books! I've read The Hunger Games and Twilight, and think that The Hunger Games are better than Twilight, and the Goddess Chronicles are better than Twilight and a little bit of The Hunger Games. And that's coming from a Twilight and The Hunger Games fan!

Love Elena
(P.S, I was nicknamed Kate by my friends!)
(P.S.S, please comment below if you want a post like this again!)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Made By Me!

Short Post. Im In A Hurry! x

What You Need
*Shadow Eye Shadow (Dot)
*Teal Me Eye Shadow (Dot)
*White Collection Eye Shadow (Dot)
*Melon Madness Blush (Dot)
*Volumising + Lengthening Mascara (Dot)
You can add hair accessories that match your hair colour (black hair accesories literally go with EVERYTHING!)
I made this style up myself! personally i was very proud of myself If you want you can use this makeover no arguments from me!

Jacki. x


Hey Guys x

This May Be A Short Post.. Yeah.
I'm Gunna Show You A Before And After Of Me!

This Is A Before

This Is An After (Please Ignore The Bow, It Was To Cover Up!)

Thanks, Below Is A Link To My Suite, Thanks Again!
~Kay x

To My Beauty Parlour

Looks for Less (Starpoints!)

Hey, so I just thought about it, and why not make a look for less starpoints (levels, whatever) instead of money this time? Here it is:

The hair. Not everyone can "afford" it, meaning not everyone has enough star points for it, but everyone does have a few stardollars to spare, right? Because in Antidote's last collection, they made a cute pair of pigtails your me doll can wear:

(Sorry for the blurry image)

Anyway, it really looks the same, plus I think the antidote one is WAY cuter. You can purchase them in the main star bazaar here from Antidote, as they are no longer in stores. I've seen the prices range from 5Osd+, way better than waiting at least a year for the star point one. Plus the pigtails come in Sorbet (medium length) and blue (long)! Cute right?

What do you think?
- Meawa

Pick of the Week #4

This gorgeous pink L-S Rio Top for just 8sd has to be one of my favourite items! Wear with a white vest on underneath to get that amazing look with skinny jeans or black leggings.

What do you think of the Pick of the Week?


New Killah

Just had a little look myself, and it blew me away! The new Killah is full of style that you can mix-match to make some stunning on-the-catwalk outfits that will blow you, your friends and voters away! Why not have a look yourself?

What do you think? We'd love to see what you have to say!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Make-Up ideas

This is just a simple technique. Using the smoky- eye effect while using white eye-shadow in the insides of your eye will make it stand out more :) putting white snowflakes over the white bits will make it more brighter. with pale lips (if you want you can add some peircings) it makes the blush contrast with the rest of your face. I'd be really happy if you want to copy this idea.

Thanks, Jack55998


Ok, As We All (I Hope) Know, There Are 4 Make Up/Hair Stores On Stardoll;
*Tress Up

Here Is A Look Which Uses The 4 Shops!


The Hair Is Mona Hair (From Tress Up)(12 SD)
The Colour Is Melba Shine (From DORÉE)(6 SD)


Volumizing Mascara (From Dot.)(3 SD)
Lengthing Mascara (From Dot.)(2 SD)
Clouds Above Shadow (From Dot.)(6 SD)
Clouds Above Eyepencil (From Dot.)(7 SD)
Clouds Above Shade Stick (From Dot.)(9 SD)


Party Pink Glitter Lipstick (From LUXE)(20 SD)

Finally This Is The (Awesome!) Look

Because I Thought This Look Was A Little Plain By It's Self, I Decided To Make An Outfit Out Of It!

Pastel Bustier Top-RIO Chicas-40 SC

Leopard Team Shorts-RIO Chicas-40 SC

Basic Light Blue Oxfords-Basics-20 SC

This Adds Up To 100 SC! Quite Cheap If You Ask Me!

Sorry This Is Such A Long Post, It Took Me Ages To Plan/Write :]

Final Look:

Kay x